Frequently Asked Questions

I see there is a base price and a per image price. How come I don't get any pictures with my photo shoot price? What do I get?

With the base price you get more than just the photo shoot! You get your hair and make up done. Even more, while I am doing these things, I am also talking with you about what I am doing to achieve the look. So you are getting a personal hair and makeup lesson! This allows you to continue to with the pinup look on your own! If you were to hire someone to do all these this individually, you would be paying far more. So you see, the photo shoot base price is actually very modest!

When it comes to the separate price per image, this allows you to get just the amount of images you want! You're not stuck paying for images you don't want and on the flip side, you get exactly the amount of images you want!

I know some photographers choose the photos you receive. Do you do that as well?

Nope! You choose which images you want me to finalize! There is nothing more disappointing than hiring someone and them given images you are not happy with. I put the unedited proofs in a password protected album for you to look over. You get to choose which pictures you want me to give a final edit to. This allows you to choose exactly what you want and keeps me from working extra hard editing pictures you have no interest in.

I really had a great time at the shoot. Can I get a disc of all my raw images if I pay more?

Because of the stylised editing I do on the images, I do not release any raw images. Your images are my best advertisement and having unedited raw images out there is not the best advertisement for Darkbloom Imagery.

How long is a photo shoot?

While I *like* to say you will be out in 2 hours, plan for 3-4. Introductions, hair, and makeup take up the first hour. During the actual photo shoot, I really enjoy photographing all the beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen and because of that, I sometimes like to play around and experiment with new poses and angles. Next thing you know it is going on hour 3!

How many outfit changes do I get per shoot?

You can have as many different outfits as you'd like, however only one style of photography can be done per shoot. For example, you can have one dress, one swimsuit, and one pinup cowgirl outfit, but these would all have to be shot under the Pinup style and cannot be shot with both the Pinup style and the Classic Hollywood style.

I don't have any pinup clothing. Do you supply costumes?

I wish I could! I do not have access to enough clothing to fit all the shapes and sizes of women and men I shoot. More importantly, I want my clients to realize they have the pinup look in them already and using the clothing they already have helps them apply the look with what they already have!

How come you don't supply all the makeup for the pinup look?

Just like the clothing, I do not have access to all the shades of foundation needed for all my clients. While I can easily sanitize some makeup such as shadows and lipsticks, products like mascara, false lashes, and liquid eyeliner are much more risky to use from person to person even with sanitizing. At this moment, I think it is better to use the clients own makeup. This also lets the client continue with their own pin up makeup application!

How old do I need to be for pinup photography?

You must be 18 for the pinup style. I will need to see a photo id with your birthday. However, you are more than welcome to have the Classic Hollywood style if you are under 18, but accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I bring a chaperone?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring someone with you.

I would like to do a lingerie shoot for my husband, but I am nervous. Any advice?
I only shoot what you are comfortable with. I don't push you any further than you want to go. If you are nervous about a lingerie shoot, we can instead have you fully dressed and show peeks of your lingerie, such as a lifted skirt showing your stockings or a fallen dress strap showing your bra strap. What we shoot is up to you! If you want to do nudes or implied nudes we can do that. If you want to stay in a summer dress we can do that too!

I want to do a pinup shoot for my girlfriend, but I don't want the world to see the photos. Do you post all the pictures?

Nope! Privacy is very important to me. I wish I could post all the great pictures I take, but unless you give me permission to post the photos, they are for your eyes only. However, if you are posting the image publically, I too reserve the right to post the image publically.

I am a model/performer, can I use the images for promotional use?

Yes! I don't mind if you use the images to showcase yourself, however the images cannot be sold to or used by 3rd parties for matters of profit. For example, if you are on a show poster you can let the producer use the image to promote your appearance in their show, but they can not use it as part of a product for sale. This means the image cannot be used on a dvd or book cover (or other product for sale) that will be offered for sale.

Where is your studio?

I actually work from my house. I shoot in the privacy of my livingroom. I live in downtown Las Vegas. Because this is the age of the internet, I do not post my address online. Once you have booked a shoot, I email you my address. If you would like me to come to you, there is a travel fee in addition to the photo shoot cost.

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